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Connor Obrien’s mentorship with Craig in Winton

Connor Obrien, left assisting Craig fliming in Winton Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Hiromi Tango

Connor Obrien became part of the Digital Odyssey team when he travelled from his hometown of Brisbane to Winton Qld, to take part in a 2 week mentorship with Craig.

Connor has kindly written a few lines for the blog about his time spent with Craig and family, and the community of Winton. He will continue to contribute to the Digital Odyssey project, assisting with compiling video footage of artwork displays and public programs. Big thanks to Connor for his insightful words, and for all his fantastic assistance with the Digital Odyssey project in Winton.

When I first arrived in Winton, it was an excitingly alien landscape. Although I had seen pictures, it was the first time that I’d ever ventured very far out of Brisbane, and the thrill of empty space in both the landscape and my mind was too much of an opportunity to pass up. The people of Winton, from the very first moment you get there, hit you with a barrage of kindness, one of the tools of survival in a regional centre. It can be a little off-putting at first, but it is clearly genuine and one of Winton’s most endearing qualities. It was a lot colder than I’ve ever experienced, which was nice, I like the cold, but I can’t even imagine summer! Working with Craig, Hiromi and the community has given me much food for thought.

The impact that Digital Odyssey had on Winton really surprised me, and it was refreshing to have the negative country stereotypes quashed. It’s a shame that we had little time there, you could really feel people’s minds starting to buzz and get excited about contemporary art, their fears were falling away and it was clear that all they needed was to just experience the art and they understood. It’s clear that if you approach things in the right way, the ability of contemporary art to reach all people is there, if you want it.

I’d like to thank Craig, Hiromi, Kimyo, Jan Brown and the people of Winton, Mimi Kelly and the MCA for all their help in making this one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, I sincerely hope that in the future there will be more opportunities like this for artists, and that Digital Odyssey continues to reach out to communities and have the same impact that I saw in Winton, something that everyone should be privy to.

Connor Obrien is an emerging video and media artist based in Brisbane.


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Thank you Winton!

Winton. Images courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photos: Craig Walsh and Hiromi Tango

After three productive and rewarding weeks, the Digital Odyssey residency in Winton concluded yesterday. Our sincere thanks go out to the Winton community for embracing the project, making it such a success, and being so welcoming of Craig, Hiromi and Kimyo in their wonderful outback town. Big thanks also to Jan Brown from the Outback Regional Gallery at the Waltzing Matilda Centre for all her great help with the delivery of Digital Odyssey in Winton. Thanks also to emerging artist Connor Obrien who undertook a 2 week mentorship with Craig, providing excellent support with all of the projects developed and displayed. Outcomes of which will be posted on the blog shortly.

Craig and family are now on the road heading for Cairns, the next exciting stop on the Digital Odyssey journey. We’re currently finalising arrangements for the program with our partners there, so keep tuned in the coming week for updates on locations where Digital Odyssey projects will be held and how to get involved with HOME and other projects in Cairns!

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Tonight! Towers project in Winton

Winton water tower Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Craig Walsh

Tonight Craig will be projecting artworks onto the Winton Tower as part of the TOWERS project. If you are in Winton, wander down and check it out from dusk this evening!

TOWERS is a project where 6 miniature maquettesbased on the Winton water tower were fabricated out of storm water pipe and distributed to Winton individuals, organisations, local school and daycare. Participants were then asked to create what they would like to see on the actual tower through expressing ideas on the miniature towers. Fragments of these creations will be projected onto the actual Tower tonight giving an impression of what they would look like at real scale.

As there is discussion and strong interest in the town to create an artwork on this monumental local landmark, the project engages the community in expressing ideas about how the water tower may be treated. It is a form of community consultation, which helps people express ideas on how an artwork might develop. Initially there have been only 6 Marquette’s distributed but there is the possibility for more to be made and for the project to continue engaging and provoking discussion throughout the broader community – ultimately contributing to the large-scale artwork feature that could be created for the Winton water tower.

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HOME project on display in Winton

A collaborative multimedia installation HOME, 2010 Capel Haberdashery shop, Winton, Queensland Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Craig Walsh

From tomorrow, the latest instalment of the HOME project will be on display in Winton. HOME is a collaborative artwork developed by Craig and Hiromi in partnership with other creative practitioners and the local Winton community. In HOME, nineteen individuals of diverse backgrounds and locations living in or visiting Winton share how personal histories and experiences have shaped their perceptions of home, and what remains important to them in defining this term.

These video portraits are projected onto a ‘collaborative’ screen assembled with objects and materials donated by the Winton community, relating to what ‘a sense of home’ is for the person contributing them. This beautiful, moving and eclectic project will be displayed in the old Capel shop (the Digital Odyssey project hub) in the main street of Winton from 1pm – 8pm until Saturday.

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HOME project documentation

Images above: A collaborative multimedia installation HOME, 2010 (20 min loop) Anglican Thrift Shop, Murray Bridge, South Australia Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Craig Walsh

Images above: Construction of screen

This week Craig and Hiromi, with the assistance of Connor Obrien (who’s currently undertaking a 2 week mentorship with Craig), are working on the latest installment of the HOME project in the old  Capel shop project hub in Winton. To get a better understanding of HOME, here’s a look at some images of the development and install of the project in Murray Bridge – including Murray Bridge seniors displaying their knitting wizardry and Hiromi joining together beautifully all the eclectic textile elements of the screen including an amazing assortment of materials, clothes and other items contributed by the community.

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Digital Odyssey display dates in Winton

Incursion, 2007/2010, 2-channel digital video projection, duration - 60 minute loop. Old shop front, Main Street of Winton, Qld Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Craig Walsh

Winton residents and visitors can view Craig’s artwork on displays over the coming week at the Digital Odyssey project hub –  the old Capel shop in the Main street of town:

6.30pm – 11pm nightly, until Wednesday 16 June

1pm to 8pm daily, Thursday 17 – Saturday 19 June

Craig will also be documenting people as a part of the Who’s Average project, at the Winton Show, Saturday 19 June.

Who’s Average is a new project Craig began working on during his residency in Murray Bridge, South Australia. For this work, the artist is collecting photographic portraits of people from Digital Odyssey residency communities across Australia. Members of the public are invited to stand for their portrait behind two horizontal lines. These lines represent the national average heights of both male (178.4cm) and female (163.9cm) adults. As the artist explains, the objective of collecting these portraits is to celebrate the diversity of our population in contrast to the generalisations established through ‘statistical averaging’.

Winton community can be part of the project by visiting the photographic tent that will be set up in the afternoon and evening at the show. Get involved and become part of this amazing Australia wide project – documenting individuals from diverse communities and contributing to broader cultural mapping across the country.

Adam Murakami, photographing Bridget Briscoe for Who’s Average project Sturt Reserve Murray Bridge, South Australia Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Hiromi Tango

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Incursion – installation in Winton

Check out the latest images of the artwork Incursion, projected onto the windowfront of the old shop Craig is working out of as the Digital Odyssey project hub in Winton.

Incursion was originally commissioned for The Nuit Blanche festival, Supernatural City, Toronto, Canada in 2007 and received the peoples choice award. An empty restaurant with tables and chairs slowly fills with water, eventually occupied by large Barramundi and Crayfish who make the space their own. This surreal vision emerges through the manipulation of scale and the creation of video content, which directly responds to the architectural space. The objective of this work is to subvert our expectations of architecture and disturb its function whilst presenting an alternative habitat, in which species often consumed, become the consumers.

Incursion, 2007, 2-channel digital video projection, duration - 60 minute loop. Old shop front, Main Street of Winton, Qld

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