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Digital Odyssey takes a rest

Following hot on the heels of the Armidale project Craig is currently running 4 day masterclasses in northern NSW and the Sunshine Coast. After that Digital Odyssey will be on hiatus, taking a well earned break until 2012. Until then, happy filming!


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INTENSION at Franklin Square

Only 4 nights left in which to see Craig’s work INTENSION at Franklin Square.

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Craig on ABC’s Art Nation

Last night Art Nation ran a piece on Craig and Digital Odyssey. If you missed it you can watch it online here:

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New work open in Hobart

Franklin Square by day night

Craig’s new work Intension opened in Franklin Square, Hobart on Thursday night. Lord Mayor Rob H. F. Valentine and Alderman Peter T. Sexton spoke to the gathering of about 70 people espousing the benefits of contemporary art projects that inhabit and reinterpret public spaces.

Franklin Square transforms at night to an evocative portrait inspired by the stories of Governor John Franklin, his wife Jane  and the Aboriginal girl who spent time at Government house with them, Mathinna. As the viewer stands in the dark with the sound of the fountain, the figures draw our attention as they slowly shift, move and blink. A female figure, representing Jane Franklin, seems to inhabit the stone plinth atop which the statue of her husband stands. In the darkness behind the couple a towering tree depicts Jane’s face, overseeing  the scene below and passing through a range of emotions. Standing at a distance, another tree holds the image of Mathinna observing from the shadows the interplay between John and Jane.

Intension  draws from the cultural and political contribution of Governor Sir John and Lady Jane Franklin to the fledgling colony of Tasmania. It positions Sir John, Lady Jane and Mathinna as three interlinked historical figures with vastly divergent lives. The work asks the viewer to consider the many untold stories that lay beneath the surface of our monuments.

 The actors are Jane Longhurst and Merinda Sainty.

Classification Pending

At Elizabeth St Pier another work, Classification Pending, also opened. Anyone walking on the pier down near T42 may be surprised to see a strange unknown species swimming in the water…

The works will be shown every night from dusk til midnight up until April 3rd.

Many thanks go to Elizabeth Walsh, Mary Pridmore and the Ten Days team for making this part of the project come together.

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Hobart residency has begun


Panorama stitched together to help Craig plan his new work

The Digital Odyssey hub has been set up in its new home on Macquarie Street in the Hobart CBD. Craig is busy planning and setting up two works that will become part of the Ten Days on the Island festival. 

Classification Pending 

will be projected into the water at Elizabeth Street Pier. Audiences will see mythical life forms move and mutate.


is a new site specific work that will be projected in Franklin Square on and around the statue of Governor Franklin. It references the contributions of Sir John and Lady Jane Franklin and their relationship to Tasmania.

Head down and see the works from dusk on 10th March!

They will be on display each evening until 3rd April.

For more info:



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KickArts Gallery exhibition on now

In the aftermath of cyclone Yasi the staff at KickArts Gallery have pooled their efforts and the exhibition Craig Walsh – HOME is now open to the public in Gallery 2. Although the cyclone has meant changes to the scheule and Craig was not able to get to Cairns, we are very pleased that the exhibition has been able to go ahead. It will run from

7 Feb – 12 March

at  96 Abbott Street

Cairns QLD Australia

Opening hours: Tues – Sat 10am to 5pm

Free Entry
Thank you so much to the team at KickArts for making this happen in such difficult circumstances.

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Digital Odyssey’s return to Cairns cancelled.

Only a few days from the opening of the exhibition Craig Walsh: Home at KickArts Contemporary Arts in Cairns, cyclone Yasi has become a terrible threat, causing the exhibition to be postponed until further notice.

Craig, Hiromi and Kimiyo were set to arrive into Cairns on 2 February to oversee the installation of HOME Cairns (2010) and to set up a workshop where members of the Cairns community would continue to add objects embedded with personal significance to the projection screen. The screen was originally put together in a joint effort between Hiromi Tango and local Cairns community members in a previous residency hosted by Cairns Regional Gallery in July 2010.

KickArts Contemporary Arts was to present the outcome of this residency and to extend and reinvigorate the HOME Cairns (2010) project in KickArts Gallery 2 from 7 February to 12 March. Due to the magnitude and gravity of cyclone Yasi, the exhibition will be on hold until the gallery resumes operations.

All our thoughts are with safety and wellbeing of everyone in the area.

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