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Digital Odyssey Mackay video

In September, as Project Coordinator I travelled up to Mackay to work with Craig and Hiromi, assisting with Digital Odyssey. This video is a very low-fi documentation of the project hub, were Incursion and HOME were installed. The hub was highly active with local artists creating objects for the HOME screen, and I spoke with a few of the workshop participants including local artists Jenny De Thomasis and Tony Moore, on their experience of working with Hiromi and Craig. Many members of the Mackay Deaf Club participated in Digital Odyssey public programs including Tony, who talks about the performance he did as part of the HOME launch, and the inspiration of this creativity. The video is a rough but interesting snapshot of the evening just before  and briefly after the HOME project was launched – inclusive of hand-held camera shake, low light filming, me giggling at the very entertaining Tate and Jasper (you’ll see), and trying to look serous for the camera.


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