New work open in Hobart

Franklin Square by day night

Craig’s new work Intension opened in Franklin Square, Hobart on Thursday night. Lord Mayor Rob H. F. Valentine and Alderman Peter T. Sexton spoke to the gathering of about 70 people espousing the benefits of contemporary art projects that inhabit and reinterpret public spaces.

Franklin Square transforms at night to an evocative portrait inspired by the stories of Governor John Franklin, his wife Jane  and the Aboriginal girl who spent time at Government house with them, Mathinna. As the viewer stands in the dark with the sound of the fountain, the figures draw our attention as they slowly shift, move and blink. A female figure, representing Jane Franklin, seems to inhabit the stone plinth atop which the statue of her husband stands. In the darkness behind the couple a towering tree depicts Jane’s face, overseeing  the scene below and passing through a range of emotions. Standing at a distance, another tree holds the image of Mathinna observing from the shadows the interplay between John and Jane.

Intension  draws from the cultural and political contribution of Governor Sir John and Lady Jane Franklin to the fledgling colony of Tasmania. It positions Sir John, Lady Jane and Mathinna as three interlinked historical figures with vastly divergent lives. The work asks the viewer to consider the many untold stories that lay beneath the surface of our monuments.

 The actors are Jane Longhurst and Merinda Sainty.

Classification Pending

At Elizabeth St Pier another work, Classification Pending, also opened. Anyone walking on the pier down near T42 may be surprised to see a strange unknown species swimming in the water…

The works will be shown every night from dusk til midnight up until April 3rd.

Many thanks go to Elizabeth Walsh, Mary Pridmore and the Ten Days team for making this part of the project come together.


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    Felicity said,

    I’ve just ‘discovered’ Craig’s work via “Art Nation” and wanted to drop by and say that it’s some of the freshest, most thought provoking art that I’ve seen in a long time.


  2. 2

    Gemma said,

    Same as Felicity, I saw Craig’s work on Art Nation last night and was really struck by it. Lets hope we see more artists and institutions experimenting with less prescribed ways for communities to engage with art and ideas, and in a manner that colludes with the natural environment in particular. So many levels to read this work. Congrats CW, Art Nation and Tassie Maritime Museum and all the other tour venues for taking the show on. What a treat for us.

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