Digital Odyssey in Ballarat

After a busy and very exciting few weeks, Digital Odyssey successfully wrapped up in Ballarat. During the residency, many members of the community worked closely with Craig and Hiromi in a few different workshops and a Masterclass, developing a very unique and vivid rendering of HOME. Projected in two different channels, HOME  Ballarat featured large-scale video portraits of the community as well as projections of drawings, renderings and even texts made by groups of all ages in response to home. A third new work was also projected into the façade of the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

The fantastic outcome of the residency and the workshops was presented at Alfred Deakin Place on the evening of Wednesday 29 December, 2010. In addition to Digital Odyssey, the event included a performance by Existdance, a collaboration between sound artist Wayne Parker and Bryn Hills and a set by DJ Dexter.

Many thanks to all the talented performers and to the Ballarat community for such a great event.

Also, our sincere thanks to Sahn Cramer from the Ballarat City Council and Verity Higgins from Regional Arts Victoria for their support – and last but not least – to all the community members who contributed to the project.

Images from top: a collaborative multimedia installation HOME, 2010 Alfred Deakin Square and Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria ; Students from the Ballarat Masterclass projecting onto water tanks and other surfaces; Images from the Masterclass and production process of HOME.


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