North Bombo Headland quarry projections documentation

Over the last two weeks, Craig Walsh has been working with the Boolarng Nangamai Aboriginal Arts & Cultural Studio.

Last Wednesday night, Craig filmed members and friends of the Studio who gave a special  performance as part of an ongoing creative project at the Studio. As part of this performance Craig filmed and photographed Studio artists, friends and family, who were pained in traditional white clay, including one local woman who shared the local story of ‘Kiama’ which has been passed on from generation to generation within her family. As she was speaking she began to cry, washing away some of the clay. This and other amazing still and video footage Craig then displayed on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in different locations in the amazing North Bombo headlands disused quarry sight.

The video of the woman sharing the story of Kiama, as well as portraits of local artists, artworks and poems by members of the studio, was viewed by invited guests during these evening displays. Also displayed was a 3D animation of an eel, created by Craig’s assistant Steve and inspired by local artists’ drawings of the eel Aboriginal stories describe as the creator of some of the unique rock formations along the nearby coast.

We are currently editing footage of the Friday evening projection display that includes the relaying of the story of Kiama, which will be posted when complete. For now, I have included below a selection of images from the set up for the evening, and some still images from the Thursday and Friday evening’s projections. It truly was an amazing evening, and a big thank you goes out to Kelli, Studio artists, friends and family for making it all happen!

The collaborative process has been extremely inspiring for both Craig and the Studio artists, who are continuing to exchange stories and ideas which Craig is interpreting in digital format, and will present in the final week of his residency.

Images from top: Setting up for the projection evening; portraits from members and friends of the Boolarng Namgamai Aboriginal Arts & Culture Studio; artwork from the studio; portraits in front of Studio artists’ work; 3D eel. Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh and the Boolarng Namgamai Aboriginal Arts & Culture Studio artists. Set up photos: Mimi Kelly. Projection documentation: Craig Walsh


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    Tess said,

    I really enjoyed last nights projection at the quarry. I found the stories of those being interviewed just beautiful and performed with integrity. I loved the projection onto the quarry wall. I thought that gave the whole experience a deeper honesty than a screen could ever have provided. The story of Kiama at the beginning truly set the tone of home, place and belongong. The 3-d eel at the end was awe-inspiring but I felt that this dragged on for a bit too long and having no apparant ending was a bit of a fizzer. We only understood that the event was over when Craig Walsh began speaking into the microphone. I was also looking forward to seeing the ‘weaving’ projections as displayed in the still images above, but these did not seem to make an appearance on the night. How come? I hope that you don’t mind the honest criticism because I really did enjoy the evening and would love to see it again and again.

    • 2

      mimikelly said,

      Dear Tess, many thanks for your feedback. I am sorry you were looking forward to seeing the weaving images. My understanding is that they were stills of existing artworks by Boolarng Nangamai Studio artists, and were shown at the Nort Bombo headland projection night, specifically for the artists who were there that night. I am glad you enjoyed the other projections though, it is wonderful that you could be there for the evening!

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