HOME images + Gladstone wrap up

After a great month, the Digital Odyssey residency in Gladstone officially wrapped up this weekend. During the residency, many members of the community worked closely with Craig and Hiromi on the Gladstone HOME project. This resulted again in another fantastic screen creation and several interviews with locals, young and old, bringing new and diverse perspectives to the project with their insights on home and its particular meaning for them. Craig also continued the expansion of Who’s Average, photographing many of the locals who visited the gallery during the residency.

Our sincere thanks go out to the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery including Manager Pamela Whitlock, volunteers and staff Trish Howard and Penny Webb, for their wonderful support and assistance with the residency including the use of their gallery for the display of  HOME and office space for the project hub.  Thanks also to the fantastic Connor for again providing technical assistance, and a particular thanks to artist and Gladstone local Jo Williams, who undertook a Digital Odyssey mentorship. Jo’s creative assistance and promotion of the HOME project in the local community, was vital for the project’s success. Finally, a big thank you to all the HOME workshops participants and interviewees!


A collaborative multimedia installation HOME, 2010 Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum, Queensland Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Craig Walsh



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