Digital Odyssey in Mackay

Images: Top to base: Local artist + Hiromi, workshop participants and community working on HOME project; the Incursion project and Connor and Donna.

This weekend Digital Odyssey wraps up in Mackay. Last week, I travelled up  there to work with team Digital Odyssey which included Craig and Hiromi, local artist Donna Robinson, Connor O’Brien who was back to assist with the HOME project and all the locals who participated in the Mackay workshops.

It was absolutely fantastic to be there, and the support of our local presentation partner Artspace Mackay, Arts Development Officer Fiona Bishop, local artists and other community groups was just amazing.

During the week, Donna took some excellent photographs documenting the Digital Odyssey process, which I will post on Flickr soon. For now, here is a tiny selection of the many wonderful images that show the HOME workshops and Craig’s Incursion artwork displayed in the corner of Riverside house.

Thank you to everyone in Mackay including the community, Donna for the photographs, Connor for his ongoing support, and to all the staff at Artspace Mackay for their generous support and hospitality including Ryan Bunker, Billie-Jo Obst, Alicia Stevenson, Anna Thurgood and Michael Wardell.


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