Splendour update

Images from top: Craig Walsh’s Humanature; Splendour in the Grass; Craig inspiring the Splendid team; ‘Where The Party Is’ by Mish Grigor and Lauren Brincat (with Lauren shooting the balloons), Lauren Brincat and Dominic Finlay-Jones 23 metre wrought iron staircase; Carl Scrase’s large inflated hand, which from different sides was either giving you the finger or a big peace sign; Mimi Kelly braving the sun; the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains.

Well after a bit of recovery, it’s time for a quick update on all things Splendour in the Grass, and Splendid!

Prior to the start of the Festival, Craig with the help of his assistant Steve, set up 3 Humanature projections in the grounds of the festival. Two were to the left of the entrance of the large pathway to the main amphitheatre stage, and another a little more hidden for people to discover on a nearby hill.

As Project Coordinator for Digital Odyssey, I arrived on the Friday night and Craig and I went to look at the artwork setup. As there were literally hundreds of people walking past the duel works, it was a great opportunity to hear their reactions, which were all pretty much amazement (as well as quite a few screams from the more overly happy revelers “it’s looking at me!”, “I thought I imagined it last night!”!, “that’s so trippy!”).

Covering two huge groups of trees, the enormous faces loomed out of the darkness. Many people tried to photograph the projections, which proved extremely tricky (I tried too with my happy snap, but failed dismally). When I interviewed people for the vox pops (coming soon – with the naked person who desperately tried to get in camera edited out), it was great to hear one person who had been at the Woodford festival 10 years ago and seen the original Humanature faces, and was amazed to see them again.  Many people had never seen outdoor projection artwork, and everyone commented on how they wanted to see more art in alternate display contexts – which is great to hear, particularly as encouragement to Splendour in the Grass who has commitment to developing art as an important part of the festival.

Crag was also busy overseeing artworks on display by young Splendid artists, as part of his role as memberof the  Splendid Curatorium. I have included  some images of artworks by some of the artists who participated in last year’s Splendid lab, and whose work was selected for development and display at this year’s festival.

With hundreds of thousands of people attending the festival, it was a great opportunity for Craig’s work to be enjoyed by many people at once, and by people collectively. The unique setting the work was displayed in also contributed greatly to the experience of viewing the projections – and of course contributed to peoples overall Splendour adventure.

I thought it would be nice for people to see an image of the mysterious MCA person who updates the blog – me, the Digital Odyssey Project Coordiantor, so I have included an image of myself sitting on the side of a hill looking out over the Splendour valley.

Our sincere thanks go out to Splendour in the Grass for inviting Digital Odyssey to be part of this year’s festival. It was also great to meet some of the Splendid artists and team, and see some of our other Digital Odyssey friends there including Annmarie Kohn, Connor Obrien and the Australia Council reps.


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