Cairns school workshop

Love the fangs! Images: Craig Walsh masterclass with REACH (Regional Excellence in Arts and Culture Hubs) students from the Cairns region, 2010 single-channel digital projection Trinity Bay SHS, Cairns, Queensland Images courtesy and © the artist. Photos: Craig Walsh

Late last week Craig held a short but highly successful half day workshop with secondary students from the Cairns region, who are all part of the visual art and media group REACH (Regional Excellence in Arts and Culture Hubs). REACH is a fantastic education initiative, which brings together students from different high schools in and around Cairns, with an interest and talent in media arts, to participate in programs which provide further education and skills development in this area.

Organised by Janelle Williams Visual Arts Head of Department at Trinity Bay SHS, the workshop was held in the Trinity Bay SHS art department. Following the workshop, images that the students had worked on during the day were processed by Craig, and students were then invited back to the school to view them projected in the school grounds during the evening.

Thanks go to Janelle for all her fantastic work making sure the stars were aligned for the workshop to happen, and biggest congratulations and thanks to the participating REACH students for all their hard work and enthusiasm! We hope it was a wonderful and inspiring day!


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