Get to know the Digital Odyssey project team

Hiromi constructing HOME screen Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Craig Walsh

With Digital Odyssey in full swing in Cairns, we thought it a good occasion to share information about the small team who contribute to making the whole project happen. Over the coming weeks we’ll post information on the people who contribute to the project on an ongoing basis, and continue to provide information on those who get involved at each individual residency location.

Travelling with Craig on the Digital Odyssey journey is Hiromi Tango, Craig’s wife and fellow artist. Hiromi is involved in all aspects of Digital Odyssey, including assisting with documentation and project development, particularly the HOME project. Hiromi’s installation artworks are ‘based on the collaboration between herself and others’. This creative outreach to others – other people, or even other spaces, places and situations, has strong synergy with the Digital Odyssey project itself – making Hiromi’s practice a valuable contribution.

HOME is a continuation of Hiromi’s interests, combined with Craig’s aim to engage directly with locals from the regional and remote towns Digital Odyssey is visiting, documenting their stories and collective ‘voice’. To find out more about Hiromi’s artwork, visit Hiromi Hotel – with images and information about her practice and the Hiromi Hotel project.


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