Tonight! Towers project in Winton

Winton water tower Image courtesy and © Craig Walsh. Photo: Craig Walsh

Tonight Craig will be projecting artworks onto the Winton Tower as part of the TOWERS project. If you are in Winton, wander down and check it out from dusk this evening!

TOWERS is a project where 6 miniature maquettesbased on the Winton water tower were fabricated out of storm water pipe and distributed to Winton individuals, organisations, local school and daycare. Participants were then asked to create what they would like to see on the actual tower through expressing ideas on the miniature towers. Fragments of these creations will be projected onto the actual Tower tonight giving an impression of what they would look like at real scale.

As there is discussion and strong interest in the town to create an artwork on this monumental local landmark, the project engages the community in expressing ideas about how the water tower may be treated. It is a form of community consultation, which helps people express ideas on how an artwork might develop. Initially there have been only 6 Marquette’s distributed but there is the possibility for more to be made and for the project to continue engaging and provoking discussion throughout the broader community – ultimately contributing to the large-scale artwork feature that could be created for the Winton water tower.


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