Incursion – installation in Winton

Check out the latest images of the artwork Incursion, projected onto the windowfront of the old shop Craig is working out of as the Digital Odyssey project hub in Winton.

Incursion was originally commissioned for The Nuit Blanche festival, Supernatural City, Toronto, Canada in 2007 and received the peoples choice award. An empty restaurant with tables and chairs slowly fills with water, eventually occupied by large Barramundi and Crayfish who make the space their own. This surreal vision emerges through the manipulation of scale and the creation of video content, which directly responds to the architectural space. The objective of this work is to subvert our expectations of architecture and disturb its function whilst presenting an alternative habitat, in which species often consumed, become the consumers.

Incursion, 2007, 2-channel digital video projection, duration - 60 minute loop. Old shop front, Main Street of Winton, Qld


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    Jan Brown said,

    What a stir this installation has been causing in the little outback town of Winton. Most of the community have never seen anything like this before…Wow.

    It is the anglers dream, all the people who like fishing in town I am sure have dreamt about catching a fish as big as what they have been seeing swimming around in the shop window.

    In fact I noticed two cats sitting in the middle of the road the other day, and I am sure they were watching the fish……..

    People have been sitting in the medium strip watching the building fill, others have been sitting eating dinner at the pub on the other side of the road, and their eyes keep going to the window to see what is happening.

    Kids are coming down in their pjs to look at it, word has been spreading fast via the grapevines of the community, it’s even been talked about on facebook!

    Children and adults alike find themselves drawn to touch the window, including myself!

    It was great having dinner at the Tats hotel the other night, with the artist, and over hearing all the dinners commenting on the installation, with them not knowing that the artist was there too. Some can’t believe that they are experiencing this in a town out in the middle of nowhere, and are truly amazed to see such an incredible artwork 1500 km inland away from a major city.

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    mimikelly said,

    Jan! That is wonderful to hear the town is enjoying the projection work. The photos of the installation look great, but I’m sure it is even more amazing to actually be there and view it. Really looking forward to seeing the upcoming work Craig will be producing. Keep us in the loop re the town’s reaction. It’s great to hear about the general response!

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    Jan Brown said,

    At the public meeting last week, where Craig did a presentation of some of his works, and explained what he hoped to achieve in Winton, and explained how he would like the community to become involved.
    A couple came up to him afterwards, they had heard his radio interview on the ABC Regional four days before, they were tourist travelling around Australia. they worked out that they were in Miles, and could make it out to Winton in time to be able too attend the meeting, and see the Capel window installation ‘Incursion’.

    They came up to chat, and said they couldn’t believe their eyes off what they were seeing….and the fact that it was out back in a remote little country town in Australia, called Winton. They asked Why Winton?…..well why not Winton! The home of Australia’s unofficial national anthem, Waltzing Matilda, and birthplace of Qantas.

    This has all been made possible by the Museum of Contemporary Arts, a national touring project Initiative through Visions of Austrailia, an Australian Government program, bringing the arts to all Australians, not just those living in the major cities.

    Craigs large scale media works, are the talk of the town….with everyone keeping an eye on what is happening, and wanting to know what is next.
    In fact I received a email last night from Deb saying “I happened to look out my front window this evening and saw what could only be slug wriggling across the water tower from Craig’s Digital Odyssey. It looked amazing!’
    This was Craig and his assistant Connor, having a trial of projecting up onto the towns huge white water tower, for one off his projects…. Can’t wait to see the results!

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