10 days since leaving Brisbane

10 days since leaving Brisbane and now residing in Westbrook Tourist Park, Tallem Bend, with a plot right beside the Murray River. The park is about 20 km’s from Murray Bridge, our first residency on the Odyssey. We move into the studio in Murray Bridge on Monday and start planning and creating works for the next two months.

Great trip down the Newell Highway, primarily dominated by road trains. Highlight – crossing the surreal Hay plains late in the afternoon

Has been a major readjustment for all of us, and only just starting to embrace the advantages of this new way of living and working.

Has been a territorial battle between the three of us to occupy the limited space available but there is a truce at the moment and all have accepted the new boundaries.

Have spent most nights in caravan parks thus far and finding them very inspiring. I have started developing concepts to explore these environments and occupants. I can’t recollect any recent works which have explored these temporal miniaturized suburbs. If anyone has any references, would be interested?

Great opportunity as we will see caravan parks across Australia


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    Clint said,

    Hey – this is a great blog… feels like I’m sort of on the odyessy too. Look forward to new updates.

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